BRAT PRINCESS 2 – Lizzy Lamb and Sablique von Lux – Tiny Girl Pushed Around in Gym

1080 HD Lizzy is a petite girl and she is tired of being picked on by bigger, stronger, people. She has been going to the gym to try to get stronger and more in shape. Sablique, a tall girl, comes into the gym as Lizzy is doing some stretching. She immediately starts to pick on and harass the smaller girl. Sabliqe compares her height to Lizzy’s. Then, picks the smaller girl up and carries her. Sablique effortless carries Lizzy around the gym. It’s so easy for Sablique to push the smaller girl around. She bullies little Lizzy, verbally teasing her and making her perform humiliating exercises. Sablique even smothers Lizzy with her hands, denying the small girl air. Lizzy gets very sweaty and nervous. Sablique discusses selling the smaller girl into sexual slavery. Overpowered, Lizzy would have to comply with the stronger girl’s wishes. (9:47 long)

Clip Contains: Lizzy Lamb, Sablique von Lux, Lesbian Domination, Lift and Carry, Size Comparison, Height Humiliation
Keywords: lizzy lamb , sablique von lux
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Duration: 00:09:46 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 700.57 MB

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