Brainwashing M@ntra: Y0u Want Dick

You want dick. You want dick soo much, so completely that you’re willing to give up anything, to give up your masculinity, your ego, everything you are to live to serve and worship cock. Big, fat cock. Big, meaty, juicy cock. Mouth watering, alpha cock. You want to suck dick. To become a vessel for cum. Say it. Let me hear you say it. Just look at these dicks right in front of your face, right in front of your nose. Can you taste them? Are you salivating? Can you smell them? Can you smell that man dick? You want it. You want it so bad. Are you aching? That’s right faggot. Ache for it. This is who you are now. Open up, you fucking little bitch. It’s time for you to get what you want, you little cock sucking whore. When I’m done with you, your beta brain is going to be so twisted, so fucked. You will never go back to pussy. You will never want to stroke. You just want dick.
This clip features elements of: Big Dicks,Femdom POV,Redheads,Hyp-Robo Meditation,Tits,Gay Humiliation,Coerced Gay,Slave Training,Coerced Worship,Brainwash Fantasy,Coerced Bi, Mind Fuck,Forced Bi

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