Brainwash, Divide & Conquer 4K

You (POV) and Wonder Hannah are on a mission to confront and capture villainess Super Sinn. Super Sinn is known for using her booty to mesmerize her victims into bending to her will. As you two enter the lair, the briefly scout the place. Wonder Hannah warns you of Super Sinn’s superPOWer, and suggests you split up. She goes right, you go left. You are looking around when there she stands before you in all her glory — the villainess herself. Before you have a chance to take action, she approaches you. She has her hands positioned for you to cuff them, but instead of offering them to you, she slugs you in the gut, sending you back. You try to regain yourself, but she has already turned around and started the process. She moves her big buttcheeks slow and sexy for you, side to side and up and down. Within seconds you are under her control. She commands you to turn on Wonder Hannah.

When Wonder Hannah catches up and encounters you both, she tries to join with you against the super villainess. But Super Sinn immediately thwarts this plan of yours. As Wonder Hannah reaches to you for help, you hold out a pair of handcuffs to her. You cuff her wrists behind her. Super Sinn pins her arms back and instructs you to use her as a punching bag. You and Super Sinn take turns beating the heroine with punches to the face and belly. She goes down. Super Sinn walks off and you follow.
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