Bound For Dominique to Use 2

Astra has still been bound to the bed for Dominique to use after she did so in the first part(you can check our previous video). As she lies there naked spread and exposed for Dominique to do what she likes to her body.. first Dominique spits on Astra’s pussy and rubs a little to get her excited only to slap her pussy so she squeals in pain, Dominique only gets her excited just to deny her again and slap her on her pussy and her face, while telling her she doesn’t deserve to be cum at the hands of her Goddess, then Dominique gives Astra her feet as she makes her suck her toes all the while flogging her all over her body as Astra tries her best to lick up and down Dominique’s soles and suck her toes, she even takes her whole feet in her mouth and gags on it while Dominique spits in her mouth to make it wet so she can go deeper, while Astra is helpless with her hands and legs tied, her mouth is just a hole and a rag for Dominique to use to wipe her feet, while her body is exposed for Dominique to punish whenever she feels like it.
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