Bopo has stolen the Blue Diamond but Black Avenger & Wonder Kenna arrive & use his club to take him out. Wonder Kenna goes to call the Police. Black Avenger thinks Bopo is out but he hits HER FULL IN HER FACE WITH S LEEP DUST! Bopo hides. Wonder Kenna says the phone doesn’t work & notices the dust on her K O friend. Bopo sneals up on her & gives HER A FACE FULL OF SL EEP DUST! He drags both of them into the bed room. He fondles them, ties & gags them. He leaves to find a buyer for the Blue Diamond. Our Heroines wake & struggle to get free. After a while they succeed & go after Bopo. They charge into room but Bopo has his no ray. THEY CALL HIM MASTER & WILL OBEY HIS COMMANDS! He has them go back to the bed room. He tells them they are 2 lesbian lovers. HERE COMES THE GIRL GIRL ACTION. After some time he decides to spice it up. He makes Black Avenger the Domme & Wonder Kenna is HER SUB. THEY GO AFTER EACH OTHER’S BODIES. Bopo has Black Avenger rag out her partner, then Bopo rags Black Avenger. He poses them with the Blue Diamond & has them act out as if they stole the diamond. ITS ALL ON TAPE & SENT TO A LOCAL TV NEWS STATION!!! Egads, are Heroines are arrested? Bopo gets away?
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