Blue Vixen: Ghost From The Past 1080P & 4K

Starring: Liv Revamped / Nathan Bronson
Synopsis: Blue Vixen is left alone to guard the Heroes United base (parallel story to Carnal Urges), Brutal Jack having just escaped (story continuation from Common Enemy) is sent to attack her. Can she escape?
Content Hosiery Some internal voice monologue Strangulation scene Hardcore NO over the shoulder carry Very short cradle carry Breast get exposed Cum in mouth Cum on chest Debooted before sex scene Mask falls off during BJ (Badguy already knows her identity before film starts)
The Story / The Setup / Attack: 15 Minutes Hand to hand combat Multiple shots to the head Toss to the floor Attempted Unmasking Hard shots to the stomach Desperate long crawl across the floor (nice butt shots) Strangling Back Breaker that disables Blue Vixen Grope Scene: 7 Minutes Blue Vixen is reeling from back breaker Light fondling and groping begins Debooting BJ: 5 Minutes Mask slips off face when blowjob begins Spits out cum on camera
Sex scene: 13 Minutes Hardcore Sex Tits revealed roughly 6 minutes before film ends Finishes on chestTone of sex scene: She resists and struggles
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Duration: 00:47:08 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 5.21 GB

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