Jan 162021

[Bloodangels.com] A Game of Chess Part 1

[Bloodangels.com] A Game of Chess Part 1
Mistress Minerva is enjoying a calm sunny evening on her garden, wearing leather straps and a carnival mask, when her slave comes in to serve her a beverage. However, Minerva was not satisfied with what her slave have brought her and that meant, it was time for a punishment, forcing her to lick his boots and then using a buttplug attached to her high heels to fuck her slaves ass. After that, she locks her slave with chains all over and tells her to play chess with her, but with a few kickers: in order for her to get the key to be uncuffed from her chains, she has to win and also, on her seat, there’s a dildo in which she has to sit on during the game.
This scene includes: bondage, chains, handcuffs, roleplay, anal, dildo, tatoos, leather straps, high heels,lezdom,lesbian domination

Duration: 00:16:12 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.14 GB

Download – bloodangels-clip527.mp4

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