The Bimbofication of C0smic Girl

Crime. Its almost unstoppable at times. Women have gone missing and its up to super heroines of Ocean Valley City to stop them. On the Case, Cosmic Girl ( Star Nine ) finds the building the nasty videos these Bimbofied women. As she searches the room she see 2 masks. The masks of two caped compadres. The Black Apple’s mask and Her Soul Sister, Galaxy Girl. Oh NO! What has happened to her? Cosmic Girl uses her Pussy telepathy to contact Galaxy Girl… But Alas, its no use. Something is wrong! A creepy growl of laughter fills the room. It is a henchman of Bimbo Maker. A Slugroid Beast ready to tear her limb from limb. They fight for a moment. Punching and kicking, But the Beast grabs her head and slams her into a wall… taking this Cosmic Cunt into Cosmos. She wakes up nude and tided to a black operation table. She screams telling the creepy criminals to let her go. But then The Electro-Mind-splicer enters. She is no match to this mechanical nightmare. Oh! She screams in terror as electronic mental reconditioning is surged into her young frame. Into her pussy… through her nipples… changing her mind to only think of being a bimbo… a cock sucking, bimbo who only loves cum and being a dumb slut. The scan proves true… she has been Bimbofied. Cosmic Girl or should we shy dumb slut cosmic bimbo… is ready to take your cum in any hole you wish… MASTER….Dun Dun Dun…what a twist. Star Nine stars as Cosmic Girl. Animation, fighting, mental reconditioning, bimbofication. OH NO! What will a Dumb Cocksucking Bimbo like Cosmic girl do? oh, suck and fuck a lot of cock and get filled to the brim with cum daily… You could be next!!!! Will Cosmic Girl snap out of it or will she be super slutty bimbo forever?!
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