Mar 282021

Bimbo Doll – Anal Training

Bimbo Doll – Anal Training
You’re already a sissy and a little slut for cock. Now it’s time to take the next step. It’s time to become a total sissy bimbo. From now on, everything you do with be in service of hot guys and their big cocks. You’ll be nothing more than a mindless fucktoy. Let’s make you look pretty. Lots of lipstick and the sluttiest lingerie – this is your new uniform. You’ll need to clear out all the thoughts in your mind; there’s no place for a brain in your bimbo body. All you need to worry about now is sucking and fucking, serving as a passive cum receptacle who never says "no". A total bimbo barbie doll. Get down on your knees. Pull your panties to the side. Show me what a whore you are, good girl.
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