Jan 122021

Beverly Hills – Sister Dee brings her man a treat

Beverly Hills – Sister Dee brings her man a treat
Description: Beverly Hills made the mistake of having a conversation with Sister Dee. It is for that reason Beverly found herself rolling around in the grass bound tightly with a sanitary pad in her mouth.
Sister Dee and her man delight as they drag Beverly’s helpless body into their barn. Beverly squirms and strains against them, but Dee has prepared her too well for their party.
Beverly is prey and they toy with her. They pull at her and drag her around the floor. They spread her legs so wide there’s nothing stopping them from touching her sweet slit.
They take turns causing her pain, giving her orgasms, and fucking her. She makes a great party favor.
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,torture,bondage,humiliation

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