Aug 102020

Belly Punching Maid – Little Mina & Paige Turner

Belly Punching Maid – Little Mina & Paige Turner
Paige Erin Turner chats on the phone about how awful her hired help is while her maid cleans. Checking herself out and posing in her white tank top and full back panties, Paige doesn’t realize how spoiled and bitchy she is. Little Mina listens as her boss talks about her former maid who beat up Paige for the awful treatment. Paige’s adamant that she will beat down this little Asian girl if she gets attitude.
Grabbing Mina’s arms, Paige lays down the law about staying away from her husband and to give respect like a slave. Mina rebels and promptly gets slapped. This tiny girl knows that Paige is weak in her belly and pokes belly button. Knowing she’s in trouble, Paige runs only to have Mina chase and yank off her shirt as she tries to escape.
After one belly punch, Paige heaves and crawls on her hands and knees. Mina throws her against the wall and lands more gut punches, holding for a moment to reiterate her dominance. The jabs are slow and methodical because Mina wants her to suffer. Coughing, Paige falls to the ground and crawls away. She leans over the couch with her ass in the air hoping to protect her tender tummy and begs to be hit anywhere but her stomach. Mina pushes her lower back and jams Paige’s abs into the hard furniture.
Flipping Paige to her back, Mina pushes her knuckles into her belly button and holds it. Grabbing her sore belly, she’s too weak to stop the petite girl from taking her back to the wall. Mina takes her time and allows Paige to lean forward before beating her again.
Wheezing, Paige is left to suffer on the floor.
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