Nov 262020

Beautiful Diamond Banks Gets Fucked Good After Losing Her Match

Beautiful Diamond Banks Gets Fucked Good After Losing Her Match
Daisy Ducati VS Diamond Banks
Daisy “Lethal Legs” Ducati is here to welcome a new rookie to the Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition. Daisy has a great track record for making her opponents cum on the mats. It might have a lot to do with her sexy pillow talk, or the fact that she’s tall and has perfect skin but Most likely what really gets these girls creaming on the mats is the power that they feel when they get taken down by Miss Ducati. Daisy has some powerful lethal legs. She wraps them up and it’s goodnight Irene or in this case, Good night Diamond. Diamond “Cutter” Banks has Zero wrestling experience but she did cheerleading at his school which means she’s athletic. Diamond is positive she’s going to win. She knows who Daisy is and she’s not impressed. Today, Daisy needs to make this new girl humble. You don’t want to miss this one, my friends. There is an orgasm on the mats at the very end of round 3. The Winner is brutal with the loser. She stuffs the loser’s face with a big cock then gets the loser down for pussy strap-on fucking and hair-pulling. The winner utterly dominates the loser sexually and mentally. The loser must concede to the winner by licking an orgasm out of her. The winner lifts and carries the sorry loser away just to show her how much power she really does have even after doing ALL the work in the wrestling and the sex.

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