DESCRIPTION: Monica works as a math tutor. She helps students understand this difficult lesson. Beatrice and Rada study in the same group at the university and their step-parents have hired a tutor for them so that they will pass the upcoming exams well. When the girls came to the tutor they laughed.. "wow, it’s Monica! What a meeting! LOL!" Monica was also very surprised, but she didn’t want to show it.. because she needs to do her job well. The girls decided to play along with her and pretend that they were listening carefully to her explanations. Beatrice and Rada threw papers at their teacher and shouted humiliating words from the table. Monica tried not to pay attention and continued to lead the lesson. Suddenly, the girls decided it was time to start having fun. Rada went to the blackboard and ordered the pitiful teacher to lick off the letters and numbers written in chalk from the blackboard. Monica licked the dirty blackboard to the laughter of brutal students. "Are you hungry? Thank you for the lesson and now we will feed you!" Beatrice said. She and Rada started feeding Monica chalk and wiping it on her tongue. The teacher chewed the chalk and her tongue turned blue and white from this, which made the girls laugh even more. Monica begged for mercy, but Beatrice and Rada only enjoyed her humiliation. "Wow.. what did I find!" – Said Rada and took out a condom from the pocket. The girls spit into the condom and ordered the teacher to chew it. Monica sucked her students’ ballet flats and prayed that her humiliation would end soon..
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