Batwomans Dark Justice for Amethyst!

Super villain Amethyst has just robbed a bank and is celebrating her heist by counting all the money she stole as she plans her next devious plot. The new villain to Gotham didn’t cover her trail well and left plenty of clues for Batwoman who easily tracks her down to bring her to justice. The two square off, exchanging blows and Amethyst tries to use her super strength to pull a girder down on Batwoman’s head. The crimson knight is too quick and evades the attack by covering the villain’s nose and mouth with a sleepy rag from her utility belt to knock her out, incapacitating her while she decides what sort of justice to dish out.
When Amethyst comes to, she’s tied up spread eagle on a cross with electrodes on her tits. Batwoman explains she knows the super strength villain is working for someone else and the bat wants to know who and she’ll get an answer one way or another. With every wrong answer or insolent remark from the purple menace, Batwoman will turn the electrodes higher until the villain finally breaks. Of course if this doesn’t work, the red detective has other tricks in her utility belt. Amethyst laughs in her face, but regrets it when she gets a jolt of electricity to her big bouncy tits. Batwoman interrogates her, turning the device higher, adding other implements of torture waiting for the villain to break. Amethyst finally spits out the information, but Batwoman is irritated it took so long and just wants to teach the little bitch a lesson. You can’t come into Gotham and try to rule the city. This is her territory and Batwoman will defend it against bratty little villains who think they can get away with it!
The crimson knight bends Amethyst over, strips off her costume and drills a lesson into her with her strap on cock. She’s going to teach this villain some respect…and have fun doing it! The villain moans while her wet pussy gets pumelled by the bat cock and soon she’s horny and begging for it. Batwoman just laughs and fucks her harder. She knows how slutty these villains can be and can feel how slippery Amythest’s pussy is with her strapon sliding in and out. The villain wiggles her hips against Batwoman’s cock trying to get it deeper inside her cunt while her tits bounce up and down and the detective laughs at her predicament. Amythest screams louder in pleasure and finally orgasms, her body shuddering in excitement. Batwoman pulls her cock out and leaves the nearly nude villain tied up with her pussy still exposed for the cops to find. Her work is done and another villain has been brought to justice. Now it’s time to find Harly, the demented brat who put Amythest up to this…
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