Batgirl Double-Crossed


Batgirl interrupts an alleyway robbery before being ambushed by a 2nd thug. Handling them both with ease she lets her guard down and soon fines herself being dragged into the locker room of a boxing gym. She’s about to receive a lesson in humility.
Film comes with a win/lose ending. Fair warning: the ‘win’ ending is dark.
Starring: Abbie Maley / Nathan Bronson / Dante Colle / Codey Steele 3 V 1 Contains: Win/Lose Ending Leotard with Pantyhose 10 Minutes (setup/fight) before Hardcore scene begins The fight is very ‘to the point’ they don’t give a gratuitous amount of beatdown when she loses her edge Spoiler (Highlight text): She’s tricked by a bait and switch victim, gets drugged when she thinks she’s safe Spoiler for Dark Win Ending (Highlight text): Batgirl grabs the bad guys weapon on the floor and ends them ‘Over the shoulder’ shot Backbreaker fight ender Multiple KOs (one during hardcore scene) Hardcore scene starts at 10 marker Oral throughout hardcore scene She’s tied to bench during oral scene for 14 minutes Vaginal insertion at 25 marker Boots off at 38 minute marker Breast exposed at 46 minute marker and 48 minute marker Unmasking Scene – Midpoint during hardcore scene at 33 minute marker Partially KOed for small portion of hardcore scene – very very brief Real cum shots – no fake fluid
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