Barbara licks dirt off Dominic’s shoes

Dominic does not let his slaves get bored and trains them carefully so that their worship skills are getting better and better among the slaves every day . Barbara ‘s time has come and Dominique has prepared dirty shoes for the bitch in which she specially walked along the dirty street and the entrance to dirty them properly and enhance the smell of sweat from the feet inside the shoes . She put a leash on Barbara , today she will be her pathetic slave on a leash , who must lick his mistress ‘s legs to shine , must inhale all the sweat from her notes and do it qualitatively . Dominique let the bitch lick her shoes and controlled her movements with a leash , keeping her head in tension , she slapped the bitch in the face if she didn ‘t try hard enough ! Then she attached clothespins to Barbara’s small and insignificant tits and on her pussy , and then bent her head to the floor and let her lick all the dirt with her shoe , she shoved them into her mouth , keeping her off the leash and humiliated her bitch so that she worshipped better and cleaned her shoes from dirt ! Then she gave the bitch a heel to lick and took off her shoes so that Barbara could smell the sweat from her feet and show her obedience and devotion to Dominique!
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