Dec 132018

Bad Twin

Bad Twin
STARRING: Daizy Cooper
The beautiful Light Ray is shocked to come home to her equally stunning doppelgänger, Dark Ray. It seems the dark master has created a super-powerful clone of her. Before she can process the incredible event, Dark Ray opens her pouty lips and emits a noxious cloud of poison gas, dropping Light Ray instantly.
To celebrate their dastardly victory, the master allows his submissive pet to suck his big, long cock. She does so hungrily, eager to please her evil master. Dark Ray gazes up at him adoringly as she does her best to take in the full length of his shaft. The master further rewards his slave by bending her over the sofa and railing her from behind, taking in the sight of her big brown booty.
It’s obvious that Dark Ray is thoroughly enjoying every inch of the master’s meat. She craves his affection and approval. Dark Ray cums hard while staring adoringly into the evil eyes of her master. He rewards her loyalty by filling her tight cunt with his hot seed.
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Superheroines, Costume, Boots, Ebony, Blow Job, Ball-Sucking, Fucking, Body Views, Body Play.
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