When Supra-girl (Xiphos Prince) accepts the offer of a research lab to undergo an examination in return for a charitable donation to a cause, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a disturbed scientist (Lu-Lewd) with an ulterior motive and a deadly backer. The exam quickly turns questionable, and just when Supra-girl’s patience runs out, a terrible secret is uncovered that escalates the situation dramatically.
Will Supra-girl meet her match in this power obsessed scientist? Will she escape before the mysterious benefactor arrives?
CONTENT :HARDCORE FILM!!!-Hour runtime!-Innocent, hopeful heroine-Medical peril-Vulnerability-Nylons-Krystonite depowerment-Costume removal-Bearhug-Choking/Strangling-Gassing/asphyxiation-Force feeding liquid-Lots of upskirts-Incredible pussy punches!-Bondage-Electrocution-Fingering-Unyieldingly sympathetic heroine-Explicit Nudity-Groping-Messy creampie-Forced orgasm-Forced oral-Hardcore sex in various positions-Rough Sex-Rough Kissing-Potential kidnapping
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