Feb 162021

Avery Jane Vs  Avery Black

Avery Jane Vs  Avery Black
Please welcome Avery Black and Avery Jane. No matter who wins, this is sure to be A Very fun match (see what we did there?) Avery, G.I. Jane had an impressive Debut on our mixed wrestling site when she nearly beat Cody Carter. She is trying her hand at lesbian wrestling today with Avery Black. Avery Black is showing improvements with every match she does here. We are watching her evolved into a fine sex fighter. These girls are really into each other so there is a air of playfulness to their fight but it doesn’t make it any less competitive. Both girls want to wear the strap on at the end of this match. This match is back and forth action for all three rounds. The score is tied at the end of round 3 which pushes this match into a tied breaker round. In tie breakers, the opponents must has simultaneous sexual action to try to make their opponents cum. Who ever cums first loses. One wrestler has been aroused the entire match and cums fast. The winner flexes her muscles over the loser while she gets her cock sucked. Winner fucks loser, pulls her hair and trash talks her. Winner trib fucks the loser until they both cum then the winner flexes on the loser one more time and leaves her on…
Facesitting Forced Orgasm Strap On Fucking Tie Breakers Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
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