Avenging Lad1es Epis0de 4

Continued from Episode 3, Lemon Avenger finds herself without her leotard, bound by her wrists and soon to be gagged with her own tights by Wicked Pussycat. Wicked Pussycat removes Lemon’s tights and gags her, then ties the superheroine’s ankles (both shown on camera). The villainess Pussycat, in her black latex attire proceeds to grope Lemon Avenger, as well as spank her bottom and slap her crotch. The superheroine is also made to endure the Pleasure Paddle (one half pleasure, one half pain). Wicked Pussycat also taunts Lemon by showing her the leotard of her missing partner, Chocolate Avenger (see Episode 2). Finally, the villainess decides to take a peek at Lemon’s secret identity by unmasking her, before giving her one last Wicked Lick to the face. It appears Lemon Avenger has been soundly defeated and still bound! Featuring Kody Evans and Lizz Andrews.
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