Avenging Lad1es Epis0de 1

Featuring Lakota Summers as Grape Avenger and introducing Deanna Deadly as the villainess Ladybird. Ladybird has some weaponry at her disposal including her Ladystick that subdues her superheroine foe, weakening and even arousing her mọmentarily. Grape Avenger fights back, delivering a few belly punches and even some spanks to Ladybird’s bottom for good measure. But before she can bring the bad girl to justice, Ladybird delivers a few back elbow smashes to knock the Avenging Lady down. From there, Ladybird takes advantage, sinking her claws onto Grape Avenger’s breasts and crotch before unleashing her mysterious lipstick, kissing on the cheek and subduing the heroine further. There is g/g kissing, foot worship, ass worship and some kissing at the thighs and near the tights covered crotch. Ultimately, Grape Avenger, having been stripped down to just her mask and tights is able to grab hold of the Ladystick, coming to her senses and gaining one last upperhand on the villainess. Instead of apprehending her however, she is too embarrassed, clumsily gathering her uniform and departing in the hopes of this never getting out. Ladybird eventually comes to, lamenting that Grape Avenger has gotten away and that she doesn’t want anyone in the supervillain community knowing about this, preferring to pretend this never happened.
tags:superheroine,superheroines,lesbian domination,lezdom,stroy line ,stroyline,froced orgasm,submission,humiliation,facesitting,ass worship,super hero, super heroines

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