Ava’s Bar Pick Up Peril

Kissing & fondling, Dixie and Ava fall onto couch after Ava picks up Dixie at the bar and Dixie brings her home with her. Before things get too hot, Dixie excuses herself to use the restroom to freshen up. Nosey Ava sees a bag under the couch, has a peek and finds bondage toys and a huge dildo. Totally not down, she tries to leave but Dixie returns and sees the bag and Ava trying to leave. She tries to get Ava to stay telling her that shes not into weirdness but Ava still wants to leave. Dixie pulls out a gun and gets her to stay. Dixie takes off her panties and shoves them into Avas mouth and then coerced her to strip out of her dress revealing that shes wearing a body stocking. She makes Ava twirl around and show off her hot body, groping and squeezing her tits. Dixie grabs scissors and starts cutting off the body stocking before taping up her wrists and ankles. Dixie then knocks Ava out to prep for the fun to come.

Ava comes to with Dixie hovering over her. She is still panty gagged and bound with more tape and Dixie has also tied a very tight crotch rope between her legs. Dixie laughs at Ava telling her that she doesnt take no from anyone, especially dyke teases, and that she plans to take Ava to her cabin in the woods where no one will bother them there. Dixie gets Ava to her feet, gropes her body more and tugs on the crotch rope. As Ava frantically struggles, Dixie puts nipple clamps on her bound tits. Ava screams in pain as Dixie pushes the tease back down to the couchthe after party has officially started.

Dixie brings out the big purple dildo that Ava found in her bag of treats early and begins fucking her bound bar pick up with it. Shes gotta loosen her little treat up a little. She makes her cum and then puts her hand over Avas gagged mouth and puts in fingers inside her wet pussy and finger fucks her. Dixie then pulls out clothespins and puts them on her pussy lips and fucks her some more while Ava whimpers and cums into her panty gag. Theres still plenty more time to play until their long drive so Dixie puts Ava back down for another nap and moves the fun into her bedroom.

Dixie has Ava bound spread eagle and face down on the bed. Ava has on the lady robber mask, is blindfolded and cleave gagged with panties. Dixie mocks her sleepy princess as she wearing a little gift for her, a strap-on. Dixie gets behind Ava, coerced her ass in the air and fucks her pussy with the strap-on. Dixie verbally abuses her dyke tease until she cums all over her strap-on cock. Dixie grabs her sleepy rag and gives Ava another cat nap while she gets her ready for round 3.

Ava is now spread eagle but face up. Dixie removes Avas panty gag and replaces it with a penis gag. She teases Ava because she has no idea what is about to happen, only that she has a gag in. Dixie lifts up her blindfold to let her pet get a little peek of what is sticking out of her mouth. She covers her eyes again and hops on the dick and bounces away on her face until she makes herself cum. Dixie gets off and licks the cock clean before sitting on Avas face. Dixie demands her to lick her pussy clean and cums again from the tongue thrusts. Dixie hops off, for now its time to get her dyke ready for her ride in the trunk.

Ava is standing ballgagged, collared, blindfolded and naked with her hand bounds behind her. Dixie comes into the room with an adult baby Diap3r and explains that she needs to wear it because it is going to be a very long journey on the trunkDixie doesnt like messy dykes. Not everyone can pull off looking hot in a Diap3r but Ava looks sexy. She slaps her baby bottom and leashes Ava. Dixie then drags her away to the garage as Ava struggles and moan into her ballgag. (bondage, lesbian domination, dildo fucking, pussy eating, Diap3r fetish, damsel in distress)
This clip features elements of: Clothes Destruction,Dildo Fucking,Finger Fucking,Hand Over Mouth,Lesbian,Pussy Eating,Strap-On,Sleeping Fetish,Coerced Stripping,Groping
tags:lezdom,lesbian domination,strapon,humiliation,submission

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Duration: 00:45:56
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