Apr 102021

Ava Minx, Nate Liquor, Tina Lee Comet – Bimbo Maid Revolution

Ava Minx, Nate Liquor, Tina Lee Comet – Bimbo Maid Revolution
Rich housewife Ava is unconcerned when her maid Tina asks to move her normal schedule because she has a chance to pick up a new client. But when Tina makes her first visit to the new client’s home he turns out to be a bit weird. He insists that she use his own cleaning supplies, saying he is sensitive and when he goes to show her the dusting spray her wants her to use he sprays her right in the face with it. When the fog from the thick spray clears, Tina finds herself confused. She doesn’t remember why she is there and is surprised to find she’s wearing so many clothes. It turns out the weird new client is a devious inventor and he’s sprayed Tina with a ‘Bimbo Spray’ to turn her into a mindless, sex crazed bimbo. Tina starts quickly stripping out of all of her clothes, disgusted with how covered she is and unbelievably horny. She turns her attention to the inventor and begs for his cock. He quickly obliges as Tina gets on her knees to blow him. After getting his cock nice and wet from her deep throat spit, Tina hops on the bed and demands to be fucked. He fucks her from behind until she cums and then she gets on her knees and asks him to drop his load all over her big, dumb tits.

Later, Tina shows up late to Ava’s house to clean and Ava is shocked to find her wearing an extremely skimpy maid’s uniform. Ava asks her what in the hell she’s wearing and Tina happily shows off her sexy new uniform in a number of pornographic poses. Ava is shocked and demands to know what’s gotten into Tina and why she’s acting so inappropriately. Tina forgets why she is even in Ava’s house because she’s so horny and for the first time notices how hot her boss is and insists that they should fuck. Ava is now convinced that Tina has hit her head or something and is about to call a doctor when Tina sprays her in the face with the inventor’s bimbo spray. When the smoke clears Ava has become a horny bimbo just like Tina and quickly strips out of her clothes. The play with each other’s big boobs and giggle their way through licking each other’s pussies until they’ve both cum. Later the inventor comes to check on Tina’s progress and is very pleased to see that Ava is now a bimbo maid as well. He gives them both fresh bottles of spray and sends them out into the world to fuck and suck and make him an army of bimbo maids to take over the world.
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