Dec 302020

Athena Farris, Lacey Lennon – Yearbook Photos for the Cheer Captains

Athena Farris, Lacey Lennon – Yearbook Photos for the Cheer Captains
Athena and Lacey are the co-captains of the cheer-squad. They wanted their yearbook photos to be in a classroom not in the gym so that they can show that cheerleaders are studious as well as beautiful, graceful and athletic. They don ‘t think much of the photography teacher doing the photos, couldn’t the school hier a REAL photographer. When the teacher shows up they begin their carefully planned poses but he keeps making stupid suggestions and they begin to argue, but, with a flash of the camera they start to think some of his suggestions are REALLY good ideas.

The last photo session would have gone great except the the memory card was already full for the whole shoot! Still they Athena and Lacey agreed to do it again and also to go with his suggestion of "sportier" uniforms. And once again the girls are resistant to his suggestions, but start to come around

Finally Athena and Lacey are going to get the pictures they want taken for the yearbook. The last time the teacher said their was a smudge on the lense but this time he promises everything will be perfect. They have shown so many sides of themselves that the rest of the school has never seen and they are excited for everyone to see what a cheerleader really is. Their new uniforms are going to make everyone respect the cheer-squad and they are ready to redo every set of poses from the last shoot. Of course the photography teacher has some additional ideas.
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Actors: Athena Farris and Lacey Lennon
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