Feb 112020

AstroDomina – Caught In the Act

AstroDomina – Caught In the Act
I caught you red handed. With your nose in the laundry basket. Now you’re about to pay.
It’s probably weird to be confronted this way by your stepsister, but enough is enough. Sydney caught you sniffing her used underwear. She can’t just let you get away with that, so she’s here to confront you. Yes, she caught you with your nose in her dirty laundry basket. Just her talking about it is giving you a boner. Have you no shame? It’s time to pay the price. Sydney is about to spill the beans with mom and dad. Or maybe you can make her a proposal to make her change her mind? Surely, there are a couple of things Sydney wants from you. For starters, you get to be your sister’s slave boy for a whole week. And to make it fair, Sydney will let you smell her panties some more. You even get to jerk off for her. It’s time to come clean with your stepsister. And when you cum for her panties, you’ll have to eat it all. Can’t make a mess in her room!
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