Ass Re-orientation

DESCRIPTION: Princess Valentine has already trained Her slave to only get hard for eating Her sacred pussy instead of fucking, which is reserved for Her lover. Now, She is letting Her bestie, Mistress Luna, help Her train Her slave to only get horny and hard when he eats Her delicate rosebud. She has the slave blindfolded and bound to an ottoman. But Mistress Luna gets carried away and lets the slave enjoy Her glorious pussy while stimulating his worthless cock instead of ruthlessly punishing it. When Princess Valentine comes home to find this, She is furious but takes it out on the slave. She yanks on his leash, pushing his head deeply into Mistress Luna’s beautiful, spread open ass. She makes him lick deeply into Her delicious asshole and to "…tongue fuck Her ass!". The slave has eaten a lot of ass at this point, but Mistress Luna decides that for his training to be truly effective, he really needs to tastes his Owner’s own sweet anus. She spreads Her sweet little cheeks and gets the slave’s head inside. Mistress Luna finally helps out by spreading the Princess’s little ass WIDE open to enable the slave to get his tongue as far up his owner’s shithole as possible. The Ladies finally leave, telling the slave that his training will be escalating tomorrow …
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