Jan 202021

Ashley Gets Comfortable At Her New Job

Ashley Gets Comfortable At Her New Job
Ashley Lane , Cadence Lux
Ashley is interviewing for a new job at Cadence’s company. After going over her resume and asking a couple general questions, Cadence begins to tell Ashley about the work environment. She explains that it’s a very casual office and she encourages all of her employees to be comfortable and completely at ease at work. Ashley smiles and nods along as Cadence talks but is caught off guard when Cadence stands and begins stripping out of her clothes. Cadence continues to talk as if nothing is happening as she strips and Cadence awkwardly tries to maintain eye contact while wondering what is going on. When Cadence is finally naked she takes a large bowl off of a nearby table, sits it on the ground in front of Ashley and squats and pees in it. While she is peeing, Cadence tells Ashley that she thinks she would be a great fit and would like to offer her the job if she’s interested. She asks her if she agrees that she would be a good fit at the company. Ashley thinks about it for a second and then stands. She starts stripping as well while telling Cadence that, yes, she does think she would fit in perfectly. Once she’s naked she takes Cadence’s place and pees in the bowl as well. Cadence smiles and shakes her hand, welcoming her to the team.
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