Ashleigh: The Mercy Seat

Terrified and naked, Ashleigh stumbles through the temple. The secret is out. She’s a filthy whore.
The cold makes her nipples hard as she tries to cover her exposed ass and pussy with her hands. But it’s no use.
In a narrow hallway she’s forced to pass by several temple workers. Ashleigh keeps her eyes firmly fixed on the ground and tries to move quickly. But she can feel their stares burning into her milky white skin.
Ashleigh wonders if there’s anyone left who doesn’t know she broke the law of chastity.
A few weeks ago, against her better judgment, the chaste blonde had sex with Brother Hart in the back of a van. He swore no one would find out about their night together, that she would be safe, that he loved her.
But he was wrong. The Order has caught her somehow. Did Brother Hart confess that they had sex? Is that how they know?
After being inspected by President Oaks, Ashleigh was sent to Jane, the high priestess, to have her virginity tested.
Jane warned Ashleigh that she always knows when a girl is lying, but Ashleigh had already lied to President Oaks so she couldn’t change her story now.
As soon as the statuesque beauty slid a glass dildo in Ashleigh’s hole, she knew the girl had broken the law of chastity.
Jane stood over Ashleigh and gripped her quivering chin. “There are no words for how much trouble you are in,” she hissed. “Did you really think you could fool me?”
Ashleigh shook her head, tears forming in her eyes.
“Report to me for punishment at once.”
“May I have my robe?” Ashleigh whispered.
Jane’s pink lips stretched into a wicked smile. “You’re clearly quite comfortable baring your flesh to any man you see, so why should you need a robe now?”
Without another word, Jane left the room, leaving Ashleigh to wander naked through the temple.
Eventually, the young girl reaches a dark room where she can hear familiar voices whispering. “What should we do to her?”
“She has to be completely humiliated.”
Ashleigh’s knees begin to knock. She holds her breath and tries not to cry.
The door opens. Pearl and Melody stand before her, smiling.
“Get her in here,” Jane commands.
They yank her inside and close the door behind them. Ashleigh is made to sit on the mercy seat, a circular black platform made of wood.
“Are you ready for your atonement?” Jane asks, leaning in uncomfortably close.
Ashleigh blushes fiercely.
“First you desecrated your body, and then you lied to me,” Jane says. “What does that make you?”
She grabs Ashleigh’s thigh and writes slowly in big block letters. “Whore.”
She spins Ashleigh towards Melody, who snickers and grabs her by the throat. “What else are you?” Melody asks.
Ashleigh feels the ink, wet and cold, on her chest.
Pearl laughs as Ashleigh is turned towards her. “Shame on you,” she says, and covers Ashleigh’s other thigh with the word, “slut.”
“But you’re such a slut you don’t feel any shame, do you?” Jane grabs the girl’s face and forces her to look her in the eye. “Well, we’re going to make you feel some shame. Aren’t we girls?”
Melody and Pearl nod as Ashleigh’s lip trembles.
“We’re going to punish you for every, filthy, dirty thing you’ve ever done.”
Melody picks up the wooden paddle being picked up and smacks it against her palm. Ashleigh lowers her head.
Jane’s breath is hot against her ear. “You have to be punished if you ever hope to be clean again.”
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