May 142022

She used to be a livestreamer that discussed feminist theory, but one day she got a lollipop in her PO Box… that turned her into a bimbo. Since then she has gotten girlier and sluttier, exposing herself on her livestream to her NEW audience. The takeover is strong, and although she can sometimes fight it, it has control over her mind and body. She talks to her audience, switching back to her real self a few times to talk about her experiences, but the bimbo mindset keeps taking over. The bimbo her insists that she’s a new kind of feminist… one who submits to men and happily shows off her body. Then she takes requests for how she can fully embody her message. First she deepthroats a tentacle dildo, drooling all over her tits. Then she fucks a dildo with a knot, easing it into her tight pussy. Next she fills her ass with a third dildo from Bad Dragon. She builds up to filling all of her holes at once! A few times her old self tries to stop or hide her body, but to her embarrassment she can’t avoid her bimbo self’s need to show off. Ends with her cumming and showing off her small anal gape, and suggesting she should do it again next week. (Originally a custom. Initial scene with lollipop NOT shown, merely referenced. The video starts after the initial bimbo takeover where the character has already made changes to her appearance and life at the hands of her bimbo self. A main focus of this video is the struggle and switching between her old self and bimbo self. Shows dildo sucking, fucking, anal masturbation, double penetration, triple penetration, some humiliation, and contains themes of bimbofication, magic control, and female submission. There is also a SMALL anal gape shown at the end. Blanket is to on the couch to avoid lube stains lol
Magic Control Mesmerize Mind Fuck Transformation Fantasies Transformation Fetish anal

Duration: 00:14:33 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.05 GB

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