Arielle’s Wheelbarrow Spanking – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

The younger sister, Fae, has fallen out massively with her cheating and conniving older sibling, Arielle. Arielle is a consummate liar who has been stealing and behaving appallingly where poor Fae has been getting the blame and punished by their parents. However, fae has managed to film evidence of Arielle up to no good and now she has leverage she wants revenge, she wants payback and she wants her older sister to feel as embarrassed and ashamed as possible with a spanking of her own. This is to be no ordinary spanking… oh no, in one of our more taboo style spankings we start the film where a vulnerable near-naked Arielle is already placed in the wheelbarrow position over her younger sister’s lap. Fae gloats and tells the cheater just how much she will enjoy spanking her like this! She wants Arielle to feel ashamed (not hard in this revealing and embarrassing position), and for her bottom to be as red and shameful as Fae’s has been on many an occasion recently. This is a great scolding and spanking, in one of Fae’s first-ever performances as a spanking top… and she is mean as hell, as you will see! Lots of camera angles capture the whole punishment in one of our favorite and most embarrassing of spanking positions that make for a fantastic revenge punishment video that only we at Triple A make better than anyone! You’re welcome… enjoy!
Arielle Lane, Fae
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