Oct 132021

lesbian superheroines

Wonder Woman (Ariel X) opens her live show telling how she has challenged anyone to a live fight and the winner will get one hundred million dollars and she will donate all that money to poor children. Fuck those poor children, so exclaims Ashley (Christina Carter) star of her own reality show and here to win a hundred million dollars. This becomes an outstanding back and forth battle where each throws devastating blows to both face and body; Ashley stomps her thigh high black boots on wonders neck and chest, Wonder puts Ashley in a back splitting camel clutch where she pulls her hair back. So much fun watching these supers get wild on each other and both get their destruction in – no one can have any doubt, these ladies can fight. But it all takes a negative turn when Ashley goes dirty, how dare she go hard at Wonder’s crotch – THERE ARE CHILDREN WATCHING! Of course Ashley’s attitude is still: fuck the children, and she takes it even further as she smothers her with her large breasts, face sits her and doesn’t just use her hands but clamps her teeth on Wonder’s poor crotch, chokes her with her lasso, makes her eat her costume, strips her naked and then so much more, where is her decency – oh yeah she’s the one who said fuck the children !!!!!
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