Andrea Rosu – Trophy Wife

Andrea is sitting on her sofa when her ex harasses her with text messages repeatedly. In anger, she throws the phone across the room. A knock on the door leads to a surprise package delivery. It is an apology note and necklace from her ex. In a moment of forgiveness, she puts on the necklace and heads to take a shower.

After bathing, she walks a few paces, before her legs lock up. Confused, she picks each limb up and tries shaking it. She believes it to be a simple numbness, but is shocked when she looks down to see her feet transformed into gold. It spreads upwards toward her knees, waist, and then chest. She panics but realizes the necklace is the catalyst. Andrea tries removing it, but it is fused to her skin.

Her whole body morphs and she is completely gold except for her eyes and mouth. Finally her mouth fuses shut and she mumbles while frantically darting her eyes. Her lids seal shut and the murmurs become less and less until there is silence. She is now frozen as a gold statue forever!
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