Andi VS Constance – The Rematch

They say that revenge is a fool’s game but that doesn’t deter gorgeous, blonde Andi from challenging her rival Constance to a rematch. Andi knows deep down that she can beat Constance, she’s bigger, stronger and more athletic but the experience and technical edge go to Constance. Andi’s hot body glistens as she works up a sweat manhandling her smaller foe. The excitement and intensity is palpable as both girls hate to lose and risk injury to keep from being fucked. Andi submits Constance with a rough arm triangle and then a rear naked combined with a body scissor that almost cuts her in half. An exhausted and frustrated Constance tries to sit on Andi’s face late in the match to humiliate her even though victory was out of reach. She was being petty and wanted to put the rookie in her place with hot, wet pussy in her face. A jubilant and victorious Andi enjoys the spoils of war. She fills up and beats up the loser pussy with a deep, penetrating strap-on fuck . Constance isn’t happy but she’s turned on and actually starts looking for her orgasm. She throws her leg over Andi’s shoulder and takes her deep, rhythmic plowing like a woman. She actually touches her pussy a few times and has a huge orgasm. For Andi this victory fuck is sweet revenge.
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