An Uplifting Relationship

Starring Sahrye and Jacquelyn Velvets

Sexy girlfriends Jacquelyn Velvets and Sahrye have big plans for the evening.unfortunately, they DON’T have the best communication skills.and they’ve each independently planned for different events! Jacquelyn thinks that the two are going out for a nice dinner and dancing. Sahrye thinks that they’re going to the gym to work up a sweat.

Luckily, they’re able to split the difference! Sahrye tosses the bratty Jacquelyn over her shoulder and carries her up the stairs! Once in front of the mirror, Sahrye puts Jacquelyn into various carries, and the buxom blonde responds by worshiping her muscles.

Eventually, Sahrye even puts Jacquelyn over her knee and spanks her bottom!
This movie contains multiple OTS carries, cross body carries, reverse OTS carries, muscle worship, spanking
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