Amazon-proof Ropes: Wonder Sahrye Captured by Evil VeVe!

Virtuous superheroine Wonder Sahrye arrives on the scene, courageous and confident, and ready to confront the wicked villainess Mistress VeVe. But the Mistress is completely unconcerned. You see, she has a sinisterly-crafted new gift in store for our heroine: amazon-proof ropes!
In the blink of an eye, Wonder Sahrye finds her chest and arms instantly bound, just by touching the ropes. Standing defiantly, but with her arms bound firmly behind her, Wonder Sahrye struggles and strains against these uncanny ropes. The Mistress smiles and gloats, strutting around the struggling superheroine. But Wonder Sahrye refuses to accept her predicament, trading barbs with the arrogant villainess despite her obvious indignation.
Mistress VeVe eventually brings Sahrye to the ground, where she torments our dear heroine with an arm around the throat. She then brings Sahrye down further and begins to add even more ropes. Wonder Sahrye stays mentally resilient, but not matter how much she protests, she is simply incapable of stopping the binding. (and she loses her shoes in the process!)
The Mistress adds a crotch rope and binds Sahrye’s legs into frog ties, then sitting back to watch Sahrye struggle. Enraged and indignant, Wonder Sahrye tries to wriggle free. And yet, her efforts are in vain. The evil Mistress amusedly looks on, smoothly taunting Sahrye and savoring the heroine’s plight. Sahrye grits her teeth in determination and continues to squirm, but she belongs to Mistress VeVe now…
* Sahrye wears a Wonder Woman corset, panties, gloves, and tiara, and red high heels.
* Sahrye gradually loses her shoes when on the ground and is barefoot in the final 7 minutes.
* VeVe wears black lingerie, garters and stockings, and high heels.
* Using jute ropes
* Standing upper body bondage: chest harness, wrists and elbows bound behind.
* On ground: add crotch rope and frog ties on legs
* NO gag
Fantasy bondage superheroine peril scenario. Heroic vs villainous dialogue throughout. 1080 Full HD
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Duration: 00:17:14 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.38 GB

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