All Hail Jafara with Cali and Vonka


Jasmine begins by addressing the people with the good news that her step-father has appointed her to be the new Sultan. She speaks of her optimism for the future! As she begins to have herself convinced of all the good that is coming to the people, Jafara makes her presence know with her evil cackle…Jafara is seeking revenge!
Jafara wastes no time casting her wish to be the most powerful sorceress. As the power begins to enter Jafara’s body, Jasmine becomes more concerned with what is going on and before she knows it, she is under Jafara’s control.
“Now its time for the humiliation to begin!”
Jasmine isn’t buying into Jafara’s powers but quickly finds out she has no choice. Jafara lays out to Jasmine how she will now live as her slave. She begins by making Jasmine dance for her, and soon leads to making her touch herself. Jafara likes what she sees as Jasmine continues to sexily dance for her Sutana. But something isn’t right, Jasmine isn’t dressed to be a sexy slave. Jafara slips her into something more appropriate for her new job…shackles and sexy red lingerie.
Jafara inspects the outfit and starts rubbing her hands all over her body. Jafara becomes hungry and sends off her sexy slave for some fruit. When Jasmine returns, she is told of her step-father’s misfortune. Desperate to save her step-father, she pleads with Jafara that she would do anything to not have her step-father hurt. With a smile, Jafara removes the shackles in delight of whats next.
A powerful Sutana needs a sexy, beautiful woman by her side…and that’s exactly what Jasmine is going to be. Jafara’s powers begin to entice Jasmine to be the sexy queen that she wants. Jasmine begins to worship her Sutana…slowly kissing all over her body.
It’s time to consummate their new relationship as Jasmine follows her Jafara to the bedroom…
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