Nov 232020

Alix Lynx – Mocking Stupid Fucktard Chronic Masturbators

Alix Lynx – Mocking Stupid Fucktard Chronic Masturbators
Alix Lynx – Mocking Stupid Fucktard Chronic Masturbators
Do you know what you losers love more than just jerking off? Being mocked while you jerk off! LOL! How stupid is that? I mean I can’t believe you losers get off to me mocking you. Really. Not only do you look like a total idiot while you’re jerking off at your computer, but you get off on seeing what a retard you look like while you jerk. You see I know you and I know exactly what gets you off. And I think it’s hysterical that I can sit here and mock you, literally making fun of your to your face, and get paid for it! LOL!

So do you want to know what you look like when you’re jerking off? I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be watching this lol. Well let me show you. First you start out furiously typing and clicking away at your computer picking out whatever fucked up thing is going to get you off. You look at your computer like, ‘Oh my god, Porn! That looks so hot, I’ve never seen that before.’ But you have, like your whole fucking life! And then you choose your porn of the day and you pull down your pants at your computer, like you do every night, it’s your fucking nightly ritual. And then you just start jerking it, like this. Look at how stupid I look. I mean really look and Know that is exactly what you look like, a total fucking idiot fucktard.

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