ALISA – Look how pretty I am and how ugly you are! – PART2

“Give me my favorite dressing gown!” Alisa says to her slave as soon as they approach the mirror. "I don’t want you to look at my amazing body." marina dutifully listens to the orders of the Mistress, who then tells her to help her get ready. But combing hair for marina turned out to be a problematic order. She made her Mistress uncomfortable. “You are mediocre and good for nothing!” Alisa said. Maybe the slave will be able to apply a moisturizer to the entire body of the Mistress? With light massaging movements, she rubs it into the skin of her Mistress’ face and she does it well. Further hands .. marina massages Alisa’s body with the same light movements. But one cream will not be enough .. Alisa wanted marina to shower her with kisses. marina begins to intensively kiss the arms, legs and ass of her beloved Alisa. What could be better for a slave? Unable to restrain herself at the end, she again decided to try to lick her feet. marina does not even notice how stupid she looks. Alisa points her to a mirror in which the two of them can be seen so that marina can compare. “Look how beautiful I am and you are ugly .. your place is near the toilet” Alisa told her .. ENGLISH SUBTITLES
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