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Alex Coal – Wonder Woman – To Defy the God of War

Alex Coal – Wonder Woman – To Defy the God of War
Wonder Woman – Top Defy the God of War Wonder Woman played by Alex Coal Wonder Woman outfit Costume same as in “Wonder Woman Defeated and Used Mercilessly” Thigh High Boots as in “Wonder Woman Nabbed and Used” Wearing red lipstick Ares costume Leather pants like in “God of War” Boots Scene 1 Diana Prince returns home. She is dressed in a business suit with jacket, blouse, mini skirt and high heel shoes. Her hair is tied in a pony tail. After she enters, Diana tosses her briefcase on a chair and pulls the ribbon out of her hair releasing her pony tail. She shakes her hair free. She then takes off her jacket and tosses it over the briefcase. Then she notices an intruder in her home. Ares steps forward D: Ares…what are you doing here? A: I want you to join me in defeating Zeus D: Defeating Zeus? A: Yes, so I can be ruler of Olympis. Diana strikes a fighting pose D: You are crazy if you think I am going to let you do anything to Olympus Ares smiles. A: You are indeed powerful, princess. But I am the God of War Diana tries to punch him with a right hook, but he blocks it easily. He catches her wrist and turns her into him, with her back to him. He places his hands on either side of her head and fires and magic bolt into her. Diana screams in pain. She struggles but eventually goes limp and loses consciousness. Her mouth slightly open. Ares holds her in his arms. He strokes her face. He smiles. He then lifts her up in his arms. Diana’s head has fallen back, her mouth wide open, her arms are hanging down. He carries her into the bedroom and lays her on the bed. She lies there mouth slightly open (Camera pans over her) Diana removes Diana’s blouse revealing her breasts. He strokes her breasts a while. Then he removes her skirt followed by her panties. She is only wearing her shoes. He looks at her. (Camera pans over Diana’s body) Ares strokes her legs and spreads them. He strokes her pussy. He removes his pants exposing his penis. He climbs on the bed next to her. He strokes her lips and then slides his penis into her open mouth, stiffening and lubricating his member. He then gets off the bed and goes to the end of the bed. He slides Diana to him and probes her pussy with his penis. When she is sufficiently wet, he slides his penis in and pumps her until he comes inside her. He withdraws and stands up. He looks at his hands and feels his body G: Nothing. I have absorbed none of your Amazonian power. I have to defeat you and take you as Wonder Woman. A simple task and it will be done. He leaves. (Camera returns to Diana and pans over her body and fades out) Scene 2 (Camera fades in on Diana, who is still limp and naked on the bed) Diana stirs and awakes. She sits up and looks at her naked body. She feels her pussy and holds her hand up to her face D: That pig. He violated me while I was out. I’ll show him! She gets off the bed and crosses her arms over her chest and becomes Wonder Woman. She walks confidently out of the bedroom. She encounters him in the living room. He is sitting in a chair. He sits up as she enters. A: Wonder Woman, I am delighted to see you Wonder Woman folds her arms over her breasts and glares at him. WW: You attacked and violated me in human form. I am going to break you in two, lets see how delighted you will be then A: Are you mad. I am the God of War. You are a mere half breed daughter of Zeus. You are no match for me. Surrender now and I will ensure that you subjugation will be painless. Ares approaches Wonder Woman and reaches out his right hand. Wonder Woman grabs his hand and traps him in a standing wristlock. Ares screams in pain. Wonder Woman releases his hand and he staggers back holding his wrist. He glares back at Wonder Woman who is smiling confidently WW: You underestimate me Ares, just like all you male Gods. I part Amazon and part Goddess, and more than a match for the likes of you. Ares rushes and tries to punch Wonder Woman, she blocks it and punches him in the chest instead. He sinks to his knees and gasps for breath. WW: Give up Ares. You may have been able to stand up to Diana Prince, but you are clearly no match for Wonder Woman Ares reaches out with his right hand and grabs Wonder Woman’s pussy. She gasps and moans softly and then knocks his hand away. She grabs Ares by the throat and raises him to his feet, choking him all the time. WW: That might have over powered a human, but as you can see I am very different. Ares is gasping for air. He reaches out and paces his hand over Wonder Woman’s face and emits a light which engulfs her face. She moans and releases her hold on his throat. She grabs at his wrist to try to pull his hand from her face. With his other hand he pulls her bustier, exposing her left breast. He grabs her exposed left breast, which also lights up. Wonder Woman moans louder and this continues for a while until she finally breaks the hold by double punching him in the chest. Ares staggers back. But Wonder Woman is weakened too and she leans back against the wall, her right hand against her cheek, her left hand at her left breast. She glares at him, as she pulls up her bustier to cover her exposed breast. A: I can hurt you too, Amazon. WW: Lets see who can hurt the other more. Vlad points his hands out at Wonder Wonder and fires a blast at her, but she crosses her arms in front of her and the beam bounces off her bracelets. There is a stalemate, Ares shooting magic at Wonder Woman and she deflecting it with her wristbands. A: Fall damn you! Yarrrrrrrhhh Ares his hands and sinks to his knees. Wonder Woman also lowers her arms and sinks to her knees. They are both on their knees panting and facing each other. They look at each other and then launch at each other. They roll across the floor in each other’s arms and finally Ares traps Wonder Woman, sitting on her belly. He places his hands on either side of her face. Wonder Woman screams in pain. She squirms and struggles for a while. The she grabs Ares wrists and pulls them and throws him to her right. Wonder Woman rolls slowly to her left and lies on her belly, her hair falling around her head. She is moaning. Slowly she gets to her knees, but is lying at a 45 degree angle with her butt up in the air and her face still flat on the ground. Her arms up near her head. Ares approaches her from behind and pulls down her bustier, exposing her breasts. Wonder Woman gasps and sits up. Vlad grabs Wonder Woman’s breasts from behind. Wonder Woman screams in pain. Her head is thrown back, her hands go to the sides of her head. Slowly she lifts her head and her expression turns from pain to anger. She growls. She grabs Ares’s wrists and pulls his hands from her breasts. Ares screams in pain. Vlad falls back on his butt. Wonder Woman falls forward on her belly. Ares gets up and grabs Wonder Woman by the hair to a sitting position. He sits behind her and grabs at her breasts. Wonder Woman screams in pain again and struggles. Finally she limps out in his arms, her head resting against his shoulder, her mouth a little open. He strokes her face, hair, breasts and nipples. Ares lets her fall to the floor on her back. Her left leg is bent at the knee, with her knee pointed upwards. Her right leg is flat on the floor and stretched out, slightly apart from her left leg. Her right arm is bent at the elbow and her right hand up near her head. Her left arm is straight and lying parallel to her body. Her mouth is slightly open. (Camera pans over her body) A: I have defeated you. Now I will dominate you and absorb your powers Ares proceeds to pull down her bottoms, and tosses them to one side. He unbuttons the rest of her bustier and belt and toss them aside too. She is only wearing her wristbands and boots. He removes his pants to expose his penis. He strokes her face and lips. Wonder Woman moans softly. She wakes slowly and glares at Ares. She grabs his penis and squeezes. He cries out in pain. He punches her and she releases his penis and rolls to one side. WW: You are a perverted creep and I am going to smash you She realizes that she does not have her belt. She sees it on the floor and tries to go for it, But Ares blocks her. A: You are not as strong without that belt are you. WW: Still strong enough to kick your ass A: We shall see Wonder Woman tries to attack him, but she is indeed weakened. He pummels her until she collapses to floor moaning, near fainting. A: Now you will submit to me He waves his hand over her body, she squirms and moans as his magic engulfs her. A: Like it Princess? Something the God of Lust taught me, it will make you more…compliant. He grabs her hair and pulls her to a sitting position. He shoves his penis into her mouth. He pumps her mouth. She moans and gags as his member moves in an out. He finally unloads himself into her mouth. She gags and sputters. He withdraws his penis. His load trickles out of her mouth. She moans and opens her mouth. His load oozes out and drops on her chest and the floor. She looks at her chest in disgust and wipes her face and chest with her hands. She looks at her hands in disgust. She growls up at him. He punches her and she falls back limp. She lies on the floor, her mouth slightly open. (Camera pans over her body) (If Christina’s lipstick has been wiped clean due to the blow job, please have her re-apply lipstick, so her lips have that red look) Ares picks Wonder Woman up and tosses her over his shoulder. He carries her over to a table and lays her on her back. He caresses her naked body. Then he pulls her to him, and slowly shoves his penis into her pussy He spreads her legs lies on top of her and slides his penis into her pussy. She moans and he starts to pump her. She awakens slowly and realizes that he is pumping her, she cries out in disgust and tries to pull away but she cannot, she is too weak. She moans as an orgasm grows in her. He caresses her breasts, slaps her face as her pumps her. She finally comes. He withdraws his penis and she squirts. He slaps his penis against her sopping wet pussy and penetrates her again, pumping her. (Camera closes in on her face) WW: (thinking) He’s…fucking hard…so humiliated…this can’t be happening… Ares pumps her again and climaxes her twice more, causing her to squirt. The final time she squirts she goes out. Are examines her limp body, caressing her breasts, face and lips. He then rolls her off the table, so she lands on the floor face down. He stands over her. A: I have defeated you Princess, I will take you back to Hades and make you mine. Together we will defeat Zeus and I will be ruler of Olympus. Ares does not notice that Wonder Woman has awoken and is reaching for her belt. She grabs her belt and there is a bright light. She stands and wraps the belt around her wait and strikes a fighting pose. Ares is shocked. A: How is this possible. I defeated you D: Defeated me? You might have violated me, but you did not defeat me, and now you are going to pay for the humiliation you caused me. They fight again, trading blows and kicks. Ares manages to trap Wonder Woman against a wall and grabs both her breasts, shooting magic into her soft mounds. She moans and her arms drop to her side. Ares smiles A: Its over Amazon. You are defeated. WW: No! Wonder Woman delivers a double karate chop on either side of Ares’s neck. Ares groans loudly and collapses to the floor limp. Wonder Woman staggers. Her left hand goes to her forehead. WB: Ohhh..dizzy….his magic… With another moan she falls over Ares limp body. Her hair falling over her face. (Camera pans over their fallen bodies) Ares wakes up and sees Wonder Woman lying over him. He pushes her off him and she lands on her back, mouth slightly open. Ares grabs her breasts and pussy. Nothing happens. He looks at his hands, then looks at Wonder Woman. He pulls Wonder Woman to a sitting position and supports her against his body. Wonder Woman’s head is dropped back over Ares’s shoulder. Ares holds her face with his right hand and pulls her head upright V: You are very powerful and very beautiful. You have weakened me greatly, but I will be back for you He caresses her body. He kisses her. He lays her back on her back. Her mouth slightly open, Ares leaves. (Camera pans over her body) Wonder Woman moans softly and wakens slowly. She sits up. She touches her breasts and pussy and grimaces in pain. WW: So sore… She gets up slowly and staggers. She places her right hand on the wall to support herself. The she looks up at the camera WW: Ares, you coward. Where ever you have run to, I will find you. She moves off camera. (Fade out)
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