L IS BACK, with all that sassy hair and saucy attitude we remember, as A NEW CHARACTER, in a sexy, sensual two-parter that features her first ever TOPLESS appearance for roughly two-thirds of the video’s total running time.

I’m previewing PART ONE here on heroinemovies this week, PART TWO next week, but they are both NOW AVAILABLE, and available bundled together for a discounted price!

Enjoy responsibly.

AGENT RIGGS (played by the lovely L), the new character from the creator of AMAZON ARROW, is a retro spygirl in leotard and boots, getting into all the usual Steve Noir-style peril.

In Part 1 of AGENT RIGGS: Denial, the attractive but spectacularly ineffective spy uses all her skills to get immediately chloroformed, felt up, tied up, stripped and ‘broken in’ by a nefarious sex trafficker, played by Josie Day.

This video features multiple chloro KO’s, limp stripping to panties – L’s first released partial nudity – heavy, heavy groping top and bottom, bondage with spreader bar, mouthplay, hands-on stimulation plus breathplay, and a bucket-load of L attitude! 21 min, $25
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