Aaliyah Taylor in Wunder Woman vs Dark Super Woman

Scene One: Laser vision
Dark Super Woman Slams down outside Wunder Woman’s house and enters. With her green laser vision she bombards Wunder Woman with green energy. “What just happened?” Wunder Woman says in shock. She feels so strange, so weak. Super Woman walks behind her and begins to touch her. “What are you doing, no I don’t like girls stop!” Wunder Woman pleads trying to fight off the strong superheroine.
“Just let it work its magic” Super Woman softly moans. She tells her that she’s going to love women soon, she’s going to love everything soon. Wunder Woman fights against the effects of the green energy as Super Woman strips her down to her bright red panties and vibrates her to orgasm. All the while Wunder Woman pleads with her to stop, moaning and begging not to be turned into Super Woman’s slut.
Scene Two: Final blast
“Please just let me go!” Wunder woman begs. Super Woman pulls off the last remnant of Wunder Woman’s costume and vibes her again. She begins the process of breaking Wunder Woman’s will. The vibrations, the soft whispers, the touching, Wunder woman fights them all. “I’m not done with you just yet, I need to turn you into Wonder Slut” Super Woman tells her.
Now that she’s weakened, Super Woman blasts her again with the green energy from her eyes. It breaks Wunder Woman turning her from a powerful superheroine into a horny little slut. Super Woman goes back to work with the vibrator making her cum and smile. They share a long kiss and Super Woman injects her in her neck. “What was that for” Wunder Woman asks. Super Woman tells her what she’s going to do for her, and if she’s doesn’t the injection will her.
“Lets get you something a little more slutty Wunder boobs” Super Woman says with a smile and dresses her new pet like a whore. “Now run along” Super Woman says slapping Wunder Woman on the ass.
Scene Three:Knocked out to fuck
Wunder Boobs command? Retrieve a dossier from two detectives using everything at her disposal. Dressed like a whore she walks into the police station to do whatever it takes. “You two are coming with me” Wunder Woman says kissing one man, pushing toxin into his lungs and wrapping her rope around the others neck.
They both wake up in Wunder Sluts room. She strips out of her outfit telling them what’s going to happen. “You two are going to fuck me like my life depends on it” She tells them sucking on their big cocks and bending over like a whore. They choke her, fucking her from both ends like a piece of meat. Riding on one man the other gets behind her and fucks her tight little super ass. “Fuck those dirty little holes” she yells at them and they do just that.
Scene Four: Double Explosion
This isn’t the first girl these two detectives have broken in. This is the best way of getting the information they need from female suspects and they use all their techniques on Wunder Woman. Because of her strong body, they push her harder than any girl they’ve fucked before.
“Suck that dirty dick” One man says shoving his cock into her moaning mouth. “Fuck me like you mean it” Wunder Woman tells them as they switch between fucking her slutty mouth and her horny pussy, slapping her face with their big cocks. She begs them to cum all over her face. They make her gag and choke and they fuck her mercilessly until dropping their load all over her face. She licks the cum off her lips as Super Woman walks into the room. Using her laser vision she blows the two detectives away and lifts her new pet out of the room. “Isn’t it so good to be so bad?” She asks and they smile in satisfaction.
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