Aaliyah Taylor and Cory Chase in Cops vs Thug FullHD 1080p

Officer Chase and Taylor have captured a big time drug dealer in their town. They could arrest him but he will just be back selling drugs in no time. So they come up with a plan to destroy him. “Open your fucking mouth” Cory yells shoving his own drugs into his mouth. “That’s it eat those pills, just like a ” They laugh. “What are those pills going to do to you?” Cory wonders.

“What the fuck are you crazy bitches doing!” He yells. Naked and tied to the bed, he’s confused and scared as they strip out of their uniforms. They tease him softly touching him and rubbing their sweaty stocking feet in his face. He tries not to like it, being controlled like a bitch. He screams as they smother him with their asses pressed into his face.

They have a toy for their little drug dealer. A dildo gag for him to be used like a little whore. They let him know just how weak and pathetic he is by riding his face as they stroke his dick. He struggles against the ropes that hold him but he can’t stop the officers from getting what they want.

And what they want is his humiliation. Him to be so humiliated he never shows his face in their town again. They take turns riding his face and fucking him until he’s on the edge of cumming. Stroking his cock they him to cum all over officer Taylor’s shaved pussy. With her pussy covered in cum they shame him by smothering it all over his face, making him eat and lick his disgusting cum.

Shoving the dildo up his ass Chase fucks him as he licks Taylor’s pussy. “I think this was a job well done” They laugh at his shame.
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