A wimp loser degrades himself to an Alpha couple

After being seriously cuckolded and humiliated by his own wife and her alpha stud,
Maisa Pravo and Gabe Spec decide to chill, light a cigarrete, eat something and of course,
degrade their slave further, using him as an ashtray, footstool and make him eat their leftovers
from the floor, of course!
It most be one of the most humiliating things for a man than to be slapped in the face and spat on
by his successful rival right before the eyes the woman he loves, followed by a disrespectful and sadistic
laughter, from both of them.
Afterwards, she decided to whip him, then Gabe takes the initiative and gives the wimp loser a spanking
on his ass! It’s so fucking degrading. Then they get excited and start to fuck again, and of course, make him
watch, beneath them, how a real cock fucks the hell out of a pussy, while some juices drop from there directly
to the slave’s face!
In the end, the white bull cums so hard in that raven goddess slut’s white ass chicks, followed by Maisa
unloading a heavenly golden shower in the sub’s face, sitting her filthy ass on him!
Indeed, some were born to rule, and others to lose and serve…
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