Power Babe ( Raven haired Fetish Star Hannah Perez) arrives to arrest Ma Carter. There’s no one at the farm to help Ma out this time. Ma has a surprise for Power Babe. She got a ray g u n, from the Evil Scientist, that can switch one body to another. SHE USES IT ON POWER BABE. Now Ma Carter is inside Power Babe’s body . OMG!!! POWER BABE IS IN MA’s BODY. Power Babe starts talking with a Southern voice, because she is really Ma Carter. Power Babe is disgusted that her mind is in Ma’s gross old body. SHE DEMANDS THAT THEY USE THE RAY TO REVERSE THE TRANSFORMATION. No way, says Ma, I like your tight hot body, plus I have your super powers. Power Babe ( Ma Carter), ties up Ma Carter….uuummm Power Babe. Now Ma, can go on a crime spree as Power Babe. No one will suspect its really Ma Carter, inside her body.Power Babe inside Ma’s body, struggles to get free. Her nephew arrives & seeing Ma is tied up, he releases her(not seen). Now she tells her nephew,to help her get Power Babe. Ma Carter comes in to check & is surprised Power Babe is free. THE NEPHEW CLUB KO’S POWER BABE, not realizing he’s clubbing Ma Carter. Now Power Babe( Ma Carter) is tied up on the bed. She told her nephew to leave them alone. She is going to teach Ma a lesson & has a vibrator tied to her pussy to to rture her. Ma really loves the sensation & is getting off. This really disgusts Ma Carter ( Power Babe). TIME TO TRANSFER OUR BODIES BACK! The ray is used & each is returned to their right bodies. Power Babe is glad to be back in her own body. Ma Carter feels she has lost a golden opportunity. Power Babe hauls Ma Carter to jail!!!…Note- Hannah is really a great actress & does a great job acting like she’s Ma Carter!!
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