A Super Rebuttal

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Skye Blue and Misty Lovelace
We fade in on two stunning supers (played by Misty Lovelace and Skye Blue) as they make their way to the evil Black Velvets’ lair! The two seemingly nubile do-gooders are suddenly attacked by an invisible force that knocks them silly. Punch after punch slams into their jaws until they’re both unconscious, flattened and spread out on the ground. This cues the dastardly Miss Velvets, who appears and proceeds to torture the supers with her own brand of KO torture. Her super speed and power seems to be too much for the rookies, but after a sudden freeze attack the two spandex-clad beauties join their powers and slam a collective fist into Black Velvets’ jaw! Velvets is too stunned to react to their follow up: a back and forth face-punch jamboree, followed by a brutal flying double “Booty Bump” KO!!! Velvets is defeated and unconscious as Skye and Misty use their powers to transport her limp body to a much-deserved prison cell!
This movie contains punching KOs, head slam KO, freeze commands, super speed, hypnosis, double butt bump KO, invisible rag dolling, body piles
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