A Remedy For Keri

Starring Keri Spectrum and James Barbatus

Industry legend Keri Spectrum has been having a lot of trouble sleeping recently. She’s desperate, and willing to try just about anything. When she called me earlier tonight, I told her she could drop by for some help resting. What I DIDN’T tell her was that I wouldn’t be the one administering the sleep aids…it’s going to be my villainous henchman James Barbatus!

He starts by knocking her out with sleepy spray, but it just doesn’t last long enough. Next, he tries a good old fashioned head bonk, but she comes around quickly again. He tries a sleeperhold, a clear mask, and even trusty old chloroform, but sassy-mouthed Keri just keeps waking up.

Each time she’s out, of course, James poses and ragdolls her. He even picks her up into a cradle carry and moves her around the room. Eventually, James dials in the solution…a dust mask COATED with sleepy spray.

He gives Keri an ultimatum: if she can make it out of the room, she can leave. If she passes out before she reaches the door…he’s going to bring her to me, and who knows what will happen then?

This movie contains sleepy spray KO, black jack KO, chloro KO, sleeper hold KO, gas mask KO, dust mask KO, cradle carries, limp limb manipulation
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