Mar 112022

Misty Stone vs Erika Jordan
Erika Jordan is so excited, she is having a secret meeting with a new sex partner, she loves setting up these secret meetings with new partners. This wild one has directed her to this bedroom where she takes off all but her bottoms and then blindfolds her self as prescribed. Eventually her partner comes in: Misty Stone, slowly she approaches then stokes and whispers to a very sexually excited Erika. Misty moves her subject into positions that ready her for sex. then suddenly she applies pain, more pain to the breasts as she tells Erika she is here to punish her for all her ill treatment to women. Misty takes off Erika’s bottoms and once she has her naked she goes after her whole body, the toes get bent, the gut gets slugged, nipples and breasts pinched and those face sits are slammed down. This is only the beginning as Misty takes her victim to the ring where Erika’s beautiful nude body is stretched and mauled in so many sensuous ways; she splits Erika’s legs as Misty pulls her over her body, such an extreme majestic stretch and my favorite; Misty puts Erika on her back and shoulders pulling her arms as Erika’s legs fold down to her pussy and Misty can go after all of her vulnerable body. Sooo many more destructive holds and all while Erika still has her blindfold on. no still not done — Erika is hung from the ceiling so Misty can enact a final destructive lesson to her amazing body, a body that is now oiled up and this shinning body is fantastic to watch !!!!!!
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight,submission ,humiliation,overpowered,facesitting,ebony interracial chains slavery enslaved

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