A Novel Approach

Starring Sumiko and Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets’s new novel is finally almost done. If only she can figure out the endings to a few more scenes, her sexy spy thriller will be ready to go to the editor. Unfortunately, she’s hung up on some finer points, and she really needs a bit of help to break through the block. Enter Sumiko, who dropped by for an evening out, but is more than willing to help!

Jacquelyn describes a few of the scenes to her, each involving chloroform KOs with big, fluffy fleece scarves. After a few scenes, Sumiko really gets into the narrative, adding her own suggestions that really turn the heat up a notch!

When Jacquelyn steps away for a second, though, Sumiko commits a cardinal sin.she slides the laptop over and starts writing herself! Will Jacquelyn be happy to allow such a transgression, or will truth mirror fiction when she returns?

This movie contains multiple chloro KOs using scarves, rag dolling
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