Nov 272020

A Male Companion Surprise

A Male Companion Surprise
I’m constantly reminding you of how small your dick is. You’re in chastity because it’s so small it doesn’t deserve to cum. But I feel you might not truly appreciate just how important it is to have a big dick. You can hear me talk about it, you can watch big dick porn and see how much pleasure the women are having, but it’s all second-hand information. Well, I’ve decided to change that tonight. I’ve hired a male companion with an absolutely massive cock. It completely dwarfs the pathetic little thing between your legs. I’m going to give him your ass so you can experience first-hand just how important it is to have a big cock, and I belive in time you’ll come to see just how amazing it feels. Oh I know you’re not gay, but I don’t care. You NEED to take cock up your ass so you can understand why women love big dicks.
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