Mar 292021

2021-03-26 – In Theory And In Practicee

2021-03-26 – In Theory And In Practicee
Oh this was one of my favorite days. A long-time submissive of mine brought in his partner to play. These two energetic, engage sexy things and amazing. And I’m not gonna lie, I ended up a little more obsessed with playing with her than him. Whoops. We take an entertaining tour. We gossip, play around a little and just when he thought we were going to forget about him, we teased him hard and dripping. just to leave him again. <3 His GF warned me that he was working on his escaping skills. She’s funny. Awesome clip!!
Models: Lucid Lavender
femdom bondage,forced handjob,corona fetish,cbt,cumshot

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